Nancy Ligon


Nancy grew up in Long Island and starting her riding career at the age of 5 when her parents finally gave in to her requests. Her grandmother never got over the fact that Nancy never wanted to play with dolls....only ponies! Nancy grew up under the experienced and watchful eye of Nancy Peter of Ketcham Farm, where she became one of the go to riders for the difficult horses. She grew up fox hunting and showing in hunters and equitation.

She was then accepted into Averett College for their equestrian program, but as with life's changes, Nancy only spent her freshman year there. She then transferred to Salisbury State College and graduated with a BA in psychology and then completed two years of Graduate work at Loyola College towards a MA in counseling psychology. During this time Nancy and Greg were married and were busy raising a young family. 

Nancy tried early on to get her kids interested in horses, and at her son's first riding lesson his pony decided to stop for a roll, and that was it for Steve!  Fortunately, Nicole was hooked, which put Nancy back on the path to full time horses. Nancy searched for a riding program for Nicole that would be similar to Ketcham Farm’s  program, where the kids were taught to be horsemen, learning ethics, fairness, patience and respect for horses and people.   Those qualities, which were an integral part of growing up at Ketcham Farm, were hard to find. 

Therefore Nancy started her own lesson program, coaching kids at horse shows and running summer camps for some local barns.  Nancy also became involved with Pickering Hunt Pony Club wearing many hats for years as coach and DC.  Eventually the decision was made to purchase property and build Firefly Farm, creating a multi-discipline riding program which mirrored the same qualities as Ketcham Farm.

Firefly is now home to Pickering Hunt Pony Club and Nancy is pleased to see those  kids participate in many of the disciplines pony club offers including quiz, games, eventing, show jumping, and dressage. Firefly has a wonderful group of students and clients who are learning to be Horsemasters as well.  Clients love all the experiences and knowledge they gain from unmounted lessons in the barn and mounted training with Nancy, Nicole and other guest instructors.

Nancy manages the care of all the horses at Firefly, teaches riders of all ages and levels, coaches at horse shows, travels to clinics and enjoys riding and training as well.  She spends a lot of time working with many of the horses to improve their training and helps to make them more educated for their owners.

We encourage interested riders to inquire about boarding, lessons, clinics and our busy competition schedule!

Contact Nancy / +1 (484) 876-1378